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Eastern European Cakes

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 ...So many comfort cake memories start with my grandama ( babushka) favorite recipe. I had two grandma's - Nina from Russia and Nely from Ukraine. Here you will find the unique cake flavors you might never had in your life...

 Discover our Family Tradional Eastern European Cakes - Made With Love !  

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Marshmallow "Bird" Cake :

6" Serves for 10 guests



 Graham Cocoa Cake layered with a Souffle cream ( aka marshmallow) 

 Topped with a Chocolate Glaze and Roasted Crushed Walnuts . 


Russian Honey " Medovik " Cake :

6" Serves for 10 guests



There are just two components — airy, lightly spiced cake layers and glossy whipped-cream frosting, both tinged with burned local Sunflower honey. 



 Delighful Vanilla "Napoleon" Cake: 

  6" Serves for 10 guests 


   Similar to but slightly different than the Mille-feuille ( french cake) . Inside 5 layers of homemade puff pastry with 4 layers of vanilla bean custard cream. So flaky yet so aired. 


"Prague" Cake: 

6" Serves for 10 guests 


   If you love a chocolate fudge - this is your cake !

Super Double Chocolate cake infused with a brandy liquor , chocolate whipped cream filling and a layer of homemade apple jam. Topped with a chocolate glaze and more chocolates.