Weekly Cookie Box Subscription

Cookies? Everyone loves them !

Who wouldn’t love a miniature dessert intended to be eaten with your hands ?

The Avalee Chocolate Co. is happy to announce it’s new line of our Weekly Cookie Subscription Box!  

So now there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to a cookie Every Week with our cookie box! 

Every week, Every Friday within a month you will receive a box with our handcrafted cookie monster flavors!

 Soft and cakey, chewy or flakey, tangy with lemon -  there are cookies for all of these cravings you will find at Avalee Chocolate Cookie Box.

Our February Month Cookie Box Flavors: 



  How does it work? 

Become a part of the Avalee Chocolate Weekly Cookie Club and receive a box of deliciousness delivered to their doorstep every single week within a month! Our subscription box is like no other!

Our 24 handcrafted Cookie Monsters of the Month are created every month keeping you and your tastebuds constantly guessing. The flavors are always unique, delicious and exciting. And of course they are made with CHOCOLATE! 



Subscription Options 

Whether you are ordering for yourself or for cookie lover friend, a Avalee Chocolate Cookie Box of the Month membership is the gift that keeps on giving!

Ongoing Monthly ( 1 Time Only) 

3 Month & 6 Month

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