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Whatever cake you are craving for, you are bound to try a unique and tasty flavors made with love from our family cake recipes.  

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Why Avalee Chocolate Co.?

From fresh non toxic florals, both edible and non-edible, pressed flowers, wild greens, fresh and dried herbs, ripe seasonal fruits to whimsical toppers - we decorate our modern cakes and cupcakes.

 My desserts are freshly baked to order, composed of highest quality ingredients, and designed simply with little more than Swiss Meringue Buttercream . We provide you beautiful, elaborate sweet creations.

Our Desserts are screaming - Happiness in a plate!

What People Saying About Us...

"Avalee chocolate is awesome 😋 I ordered cake with taste of beer and pretzel. I was wiry how it will be, but when we taste it , it was super. very interesting and unique taste, very rich cake. beer stays in aftertaste.
I definitely will order more from avalee chocolate."

-Alyona Reingard-

What People Saying About Us...

"Great service! Avalee Chocolate coordinated a delivery to my daughter as I’m out of the area and it worked perfectly! A special order was created for her and the cupcakes are delicious according to my daughter! I highly recommend this business!

Thank you! "

-Shayla Bradley-

What People Saying About Us...

"My daughter in law bought my birthday cake here. It was AMAZING. Thank you for the delicious cake."

-Cindy Chuidian-

What People Saying About Us...

" I bought some of this candy at a food and wine tasting. My family loved the candy. It was very very good. Thank you. "

-Christine Currie-

What People Saying About Us...

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